The Enneagram Can Help You Become Beautifully Renewed in Every Area of Life


The Caterpillar Stage: Crawling Out of Perpetual Traps

Like the lowly caterpillar, maybe you’re feeling small, powerless, insignificant and stuck. Perhaps you know where you want to go, and the type of woman you want to be, but you don’t know how to break free from your hidden struggles and destructive patterns to get there. The Enneagram is a powerful system that can help you unpack your story and uncover all the intricacies of your personality, pinpointing your weaknesses, fears, desires and true callings. Unlocking that self-awareness and knowledge can reveal your path to fulfillment, health and wholeness.


The Cocoon: Change Starts on the Inside

Metamorphosis is the process a caterpillar undergoes as it becomes a butterfly. This evolution is not simple or easy. You probably have broken parts to your story, the places you feel are ruined and that you keep hidden from the world. The cocoon phase can be painful as you look inward to deeply understand who you are, and discern your life’s purpose and direction. It will cause you to take an honest look at your tendencies when you’re not in a healthy place, in order to stop these negative patterns and redirect yourself to a better path. The hard work of self-introspection is always worth it, and the insights you’ll gain along the way will allow you to grow in clarity, compassion and kindness to yourself and others.


The Butterfly Effect: Lasting Transformation and Freedom

Once this renovation of your heart and renewal of your mind is complete, you can be completely liberated, free from the tendencies that used to hold you down. This rebirth will empower you to become new, and to take flight with magnificent grace and beauty.  Imagine a life where you thrive, rather than just survive. Envision yourself realizing your potential and living out your unique God-given purpose. You’re using your gifts, fulfilling your calling, and enjoying authentic relationships with others.

This transformation truly is possible with the Enneagram, and I’ll walk with you every step of the way. Are you ready to become the radiant, empowered and purposeful woman you were created to be?


Coaching Services

LEARN - 2-HR Type Assessment: $100 (includes testing fee)

GROW - Five 1-HR Coaching Sessions: $400 (total when paid in full upfront)*

* $85 when paying per session rather than upfront - Save $25 when paying in full

TRANSFORM - additional Individual Coaching Sessions: $85 (per session)

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 “Working with Theresa has been such a blessing to me! The Enneagram coaching is aiding me in recognizing some of my core fears and desires, as well as recognizing what motivates me and what I don't want.  With Theresa's compassionate guidance and genuine personality, I'm learning how to be a healthier version of me. I wish I would have found the Enneagram years ago!”

- Maribeth F, Type 4